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Bike and Dine 2007 - Oct. 6, 2007 
This was a joint event with the Southern Tier Bicycle Club (STBC)

Photos by Tim Hanna             View Trip Reports

Breakfast at Neptune



Catskill Scenic Trail (CST) Ride from Bloomeville to Stamford, Coordinated by Nancy Botting with the Southern Tier Bicycle Club (STBC)

Photos coming soon ... check back later!

Read Nancy Botting's trip report below.

On a record breaking warm October day, a group of nine riders were treated to beautiful views of the Catskill foothills, with leaves in full color on the STBC TCSC CST ride. Riding the trail were five ski club members, and four bike club members.... We rode approx. 28 miles on the trail, turning around in Stamford--- a few wandered around town, while the more adventurous (aka- crazy) of us thought we'd summit Mt Utsayantha on our bikes... after riding about a mile UP hill --- someone mentioned our turnaround time (we had to get the skiiers back to Oneonta for dinner with the rest of their group that went to Plattekill) -- Hard to believe it was after 2 PM already -- and we had no choice but to turn back.... we had more than another mile of UP hill to go, and there was no way we could do that, and still get the group back to Oneonta on time.... so halfway up the mountain we aborted our mission and returned to Stamford, regrouping with the others in town, and returned to the trailhead.

Two STBC'ers went with Tim Hanna and the rest of the Ski club to Plattekill for a fun-filled day of downhill (not as easy as it sounds) mountain biking.... hopefully we'll get a report from either Chris or Dave on their adventures of the day !!

BTW-- the ladies of the ski club that accompanied me on the trail ride did VERY WELL !!! For NON-bikers, they met the challenge of a long ride on gravel and dirt -- and they were still smiling when we got done (and maybe a few comments about certain parts of their anatomy being VERY sore !!!--- ok, maybe a LOT of comments about that...)



Our Mountain Biking Adventure at Plattekill Mountain ... (Several STBC and TCSC members went to Plattekill for downhill mountain biking ... Coordinated by Tim Hanna of TCSC)

 Read reports written by Chris Mencel and Tim Hanna


Sabatini's Restaurant - Oneonta ... (Members of each group got back together at the end of the day for dinner [and a few laughs.])


Trip Reports

A few thoughts about Mountain biking at Plattekill by Christopher Mencel

An adventure it was--we (or at least I) started out as much out of our (my) element as a nordic skier on flat land. However, after a little practice, I realized riding downhill over ruts, roots and rocks isn't so difficult with full suspension and the false sense of security (and bravado) that a set of knee and elbow pads provides. After a couple of runs we were going over rougher terrain and at higher speeds than I ever expected just a few hours before. Also, lightly squeezing a little brake lever has a certain seductive appeal over the work of continuously pushing those pedals round 'n' round--and the fact that every time we came to an uphill, there was a guy who picked up our bikes and put them on a lift for us--practically eliminating the need to downshift. Now that's bicycling!!??

And as if the idea of 'riding without pedaling' wasn't enough; the spectacular fall foliage panoramas; fresh mountain air; and warm sunshine slanting in from a blue sky we'd be lucky to have any time of year let alone two weeks past the end of summer--were like a trip to disneyland: you know you likely won't see it again for a long time so you'd best drink up every precious moment!
The lift line was non-existent and the rental shop was extremely courteous and helpful in setting us up with freeride bikes for the trail. We were very fortunate to have our knowledgeable guide, Mike, showing us which trails to take to avoid the black diamonds; stay within our capabilities, and not get lost. Thanks Mike!

After a trip like that all's I can say as I can say as come down off an incredible experiential high is: 'Thanks Tim & Nancy for planning a great trip. How about a repeat next year?' Chris


A few comments from Tim Hanna

Chris and Nancy, thanks for writing those terrific reports. And I was really pleased to see the two clubs work together on this event. Nancy did a great job of speaking at the ski club meeting last Thursday night and represents STBC well.

It looks like we had a total of 20 people participate; 9 for the CST ride and 11 at Plattekill. Of the Plattekill folks, 7 were ski club members and 6 were STBC members. Obviously, there are some dual memberships, which is also good. Hopefully we’ve made some bikers out of skiers and visa versa.

The thing that strikes me about riding bikes at Plattekill is the way it stirs up the memories of skiing. It’s a great “fix” for the skier that has a few months to wait for the snow. At the same time, we enjoyed the downhill mountain biking as a unique experience with its own thrills and charm. There’s no reason to “wish the year away.” The season you’re in is the right season to be in. Thanks to Danielle, Laszlo, Marie and our skilled mountain guide, Mike, for making the Plattekill experience top notch!

We captured a few images along the way. They are on the ski club Web site at the following link. If anyone has more please send them.

Thanks to everyone who rode on Saturday and thanks to Nancy for coordinating the CST ride. We had a fun time.




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