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Killington Ski Camp - December 2005  [Camp Information] [More Photos]
by Paul Burke

Fireworks Celebration outside the Northstar Inn [.avi Video]

Day One at Killington [.avi Video]

Ski Consultation in The Gondola [.avi Video]

Wipeout! [.avi Video]

Coaching 1 [.avi Video]

Day Two at Killington [.avi Video]

Coaching 2 [.avi Video]

Coaching 3 [.avi Video]

Coaching 4 [.avi Video]

Coaching 5 [.avi Video]

Practice in GS Gates [.avi Video]

Tech Talk [.avi Video]

Day Four at Killington [.avi Video]

Picture Postcard Day! [.avi Video]

The Poma Lift [.avi Video]

Sandy Simmons S-Turns [.avi Video]


Still Photos by Tim Hanna Click Here

Still Photos by Mary Carrajat

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Still Photos by Ed Wallace


[More Photos by Ed Wallace]


Still Photos by Paul Burke

[More Photos by Paul Burke]


Still Photos by Dave Nelson

[More Photos by Dave Nelson]




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